Misioneros de los Santos Apóstoles
Somos misioneros de las vocaciones
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The Society of the Missionaries of the Holy Apostles will hold its General Assembly from the 5th to the  18th of August 2012 in Lima, Peru. The theme of this Assembly is “Visionary Missionaries”. The “Holy Apostles” are missionaries who, in the footsteps of Jesus and of Father Eusebe Menard, o.f.m., have been sent into the world “in order to promote, form and accompany youths and adults in their vocation to the presbyteral ministery and to other ministries in the Church”.

            We recommend to your prayers the Missionaries of the Holy Apostles so that they may face the challenges of today’s world with a lot of creativity, prophetism and renewed visions.

On 8 September, Dennis Connell was ordained a deacon during a eucharistic celebration presided by Msgr Salvador Pineiro Garcia-Calderon, Bishop, at the time, of the Armed Forces and Archbishop elect of Ayacucho, Peru. The ceremony took place in the parish church of Mary Immaculate in Ricardo Palma.

Promise of fidelity in the Society.

·Eric Ghislain Balla Yene, Benjamin Ébodé Onambele, Jean Stéphane Manguelle, Appolinaire Noah Zogo and Benoît Marie Paglan Mbale, members of the Delegation of Africa, renewed their promise of fidelity in the Society.


Seminary of the Holy Apostles.

Monday 26  March: Anniversary of the demise of Father Eusebe Menard, O.F.M.

·      Glenn R. Breed made his first promise of fidelity in our Society, and John McDermott made his definitive promise during an eucharistic celebration in the chapel of Mary Queen of the Apostles in Cromwell, Connecticut, U.S.A.

Aggregation of the Missionaries of the Holy Apostles to the Order of the Friars Minor.

·       At the request of Bishop Jerome Bumbun, OFM Cap., Archbishop of Pontianak, Indonesia, and after having obtained the consent of the General Council, the Animator General authorized the group of the Missionaries of the Holy Apostles of Pontianak tu use the name “Missionarii Sanctorum Apostolorum (MSA)”. The group is made up of 4 priests, 4 brothers, 10 seminarians, 12 novices and 6 postulants. They are responsible for a parish, a school for intellectually handicapped children and an orphanage. They also have 3 houses of formation and a monastery.


After the publication in 2010 of the book titled, Pray 15 days with Father Eusebe-Henri Menard edited by Nouvelle Cité (France), we are happy to see this year the spanish edition (15 dias con Eusebio Enrique Menard, Ciudad Nueva, Argentina) and in english (15 days of prayer with Eusebe-Henri Menard,New City Press, New-York, USA). For the book in english, get in touch with Father Martin Rooney (USA). For the book in spanish, get in touch with each person responsible for the Delegations of Peru and Colombia. Otherwise, there are copies available in the three languages at the Sanctuary Mary-Queen-of-Hearts in Chertsey as well as at the General House. Many thanks to all the confreres who advertise, pray and meditate with this book. 
" I am glad your prayer book is making its way in way in the world. I am glad to have been able to help with the traslations, too. These past days I use this booklet for my own prayer... and find it refreshing. The rhythm of the sentences and the concise to the point challenges are helpful to anyone picking up this booklet to help with their prayer. The format is great too, just right for my purse or a guy's back pocket... Congratulations, Christian!  Sister Mary Ryan,  f.d.l.p.



Members by right :


Father Isaac C. Martinez Chuquizana, M.S.A., Animator General

Father Roma Bertrand, M.S.A., Councillor General

Father Luis A. Luna Barrera, M.S.A., Councillor General

Father Martin D. Rooney, M.S.A., Councillor General

Father Christian Rodembourg, M.S.A., Councillor General

Father Yvon Archambault, M.S.A., Animator Provincial of the Province of Canada

Father J. Fernando Noriega Zegarra, M.S.A., Animator of the Delegation of Peru

Father Louis Hervé Baléba, M.S.A., Animator of the Delegation of Africa

Father Abad Martinez Chuquizana, M.S.A., Animator of the Delegation of Colombia


Members elected :


Province of Canada :

Father Yvon Jutras, M.S.A.

Father Michel Legault, M.S.A.

Bro. Gaston Roy, M.S.A.

Father Jacques Taillefer, M.S.A.


Province of the United States :

Father Patrick Boyhan, M.S.A.

Deacon Dennis Connell, M.S.A.
Father Vincent Kilidjian, M.S.A.

Father Edward Przygocki, M.S.A.

Father Vincent Salamoni, M.S.A.


Delegation of Peru :

Father Alberto R. Lara Navarro, M.S.A.

Father Jorge E. Mendiola Lazaro de Ortecho, M.S.A.


Delegation of Africa :

Father Dieudonné-Magloire Atangana, M.S.A.

Father Pierre Côme Florent Ateba Abamba, M.S.A.


Delegation « Carlos Jaramillo de la Torre », Colombia :

Father José Humberto Angel Martinez, M.S.A.

Father José Pompilio Moreno Ramirez, M.S.A.


God be praised!...Forever!


Presently, the confreres who live in Brazil belong to the following Provinces and Delegations :

Delegation of Peru : Fr. José Antonio Rubio Calvo, Fr. Erly Avelino Guillen Moscoso, Fr. Jorge E. Mendiola Lazaro de Ortecho, and Brother Carmelio Leandro de Queiroga.

Delegation of Colombia : Fr. Israel martinez Sossa.

Province of Canada : Fr. André Millette

Province of the United States : Fr. Jorge Jepsen.


·      The Animator General, with the consent of the General Council appointed Father Frey Martin Mancera Rector of the Seminary of the Holy Apostles in Bogota. Also, Fathers Hermes Gamarra Monsalve and José Pompilio Moreno Ramirez as well as Brother Domingo Antonio Rodriguez Moreno were appointed members of the team of formation.